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On-site Safety Protocols


  • Parents will not be able to accompany students to the classrooms. 

  • Masks are mandatory upon entry and or when in close proximity to other individuals (Groups 2-8)

  • Parents and visitors are encouraged to make appointments for office visits and meetings with teachers (walk-n visits will not be permitted)

  • Students who do not have masks on upon entry will have to purchase a mask from the school at a cost of US $0.50 or have their parent/ guardian bring a mas for them before they will be allowed in the class. 

  • Parents are asked to ensure students have an extra mask in their bag in the event of an emergency.  



Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School



Please take five minutes of your time to watch the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School Covid19 Safety Guidelines video with your child(ren). We welcome our students back to a safe campus.

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